New Years Four Suit Spider Solitaire

By far the most challenging version of Spider Solitaire, using all four suits puts this game above the others. If you've mastered the easier versions of Solitaire, this one will throw you for a loop! Contrary to Two Suit Spider Solitaire where all cards must be the same suit in descending order to win, you can stack suits of the SAME COLOR in this version. So, stack hearts on diamonds and clubs on spades (or vice versa) until all cards are used. Click on the draw pile if you have no moves in the tableau, but as always, this pile will add random suits and colors to your previously organized stacks, so you will need to clean them up again before you can win.

Expert Spider Solitaire Goals

  • Descend cards by the SAME COLOR in the tableau
  • Stack all cards to win the game.


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