Wasp Solitaire New Years

Ouch! Just when you thought Scorpion Solitaire sounded dangerous, Wasp Solitaire snuck up to sting your brain! This game is very challenging, and very different from standard solitaire games. You can use cards that are behind other cards in this version of Solitaire to help arrange the tableau, and your foundations on the right must be in the same suit in descending order. Click the pile on the far right for three extra cards to be added to the game. Don't beat yourself up if you can't figure this one out right away - it is very challenging, and not for the beginner Solitaire player. Work your way up to this one, and you will be able to brag to your card-playing friends that you beat one of the most difficult Solitaire games out there!

Solitaire Wasp Strategy

  • Move cards of the same suit to the columns on the right-hand side
  • Stack cards in descending order in the tableau and on the right
  • Once all cards have been moved from the tableau to the columns on the right, you win!


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