New Years Yukon Solitaire

With every different Solitaire game, you get a new function you've been hoping for in other versions, but then an added challenge that you weren't expecting! Yukon Solitaire is the same way! In this game, you can move any visible cards around on the tableau, as long as the first card of the stack you are moving is in descending order and alternating suite from the card you are placing them on top of. Example: You can move a run of 10 of diamonds, 3 of spades, and Jack of hearts onto a Jack of Clubs because the 10 of diamonds is in descending order from the Jack and it is an alternating suit. This makes the game a little easier because there are so many arrangement options, but you still have to build your foundations by same suit and in ascending order to win. Good luck!

Solitaire Yukon Strategy

  • You are free to move unorganized stacks around, just be sure the first card of the stack you are moving and the last card of the pile you are placing them on are in alternating suit and descending order
  • Eliminate all cards by adding them to the foundations by suit from Ace through King
  • There is no draw pile in this game, so if you get stuck, you'll have to start over!


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